Link to YouTube Playlist: Podcasts are a mashup of fiction, nonfiction, ideas, and commentary created and narrated by your author-host Victor Acquista (the original podfobler) Shows are posted on Facebook for viewing, discussion and other content: PODFOBLER PRODUCTIONS ON FACEBOOK Pod-fo-ble verb:  To spend time engaged in nonproductive activities; pass time doing nothing           Read more about New Podcast Series: PODFOBLER PRODUCTIONS[…]

New Video Trailer

I created these videos for my sci-fi short story, “The Marunkoff Equation”. Where is Professor Marunkoff? What is the government hiding? TEASER TRAILER “This is sci-fi that uses science like poetry.” ~ 5-star Amazon review Order link: Classic Sci-Fi HOLY GUACAMOLE! My short story, THE MARUNKOFF EQUATION, made #8 on this ranking of best SFF short Read more about New Video Trailer[…]

Writing to Raise Consciousness—Meaning, Method, and Intent

Writing to Raise Consciousness—Meaning, Method, and Intent “Writing to Raise Consciousness”–it’s my tagline, my author branding. Since I write both fiction and nonfiction, it might seem challenging to wrap both types of writing into the same package. Eyebrows raise, faces morph into puzzled expressions, and people ask the obvious: “What do you mean? What do Read more about Writing to Raise Consciousness—Meaning, Method, and Intent[…]

New Release: Health Wise–Integral Lessons in Transformation

I am very excited to have published this new book incorporating some of my ideas about personal growth and transformation and their relationship between health and self-care. Here is the back jacket description: A unique compilation of holistically themed health explorations and philosophical essays intended to help readers develop new insights and facilitate transformation. A blend Read more about New Release: Health Wise–Integral Lessons in Transformation[…]

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