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Serpent Rising

The publisher, BHC Press, offers discounts for book club purchases. Details are linked HERE

Discussion Questions:
  1. Mythology is an important story component for Serpent Rising. What myths, stories, and legends from which cultures—Greek, Australian, Egyptian, etc.—did you enjoy reading about? What are some of your favorite myths portrayed in this book?
  2. Synchronicities are “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” Have you had these kinds of experiences that are hard to explain but seem to convey a strong message of some type?
  3. In classic literature, the hero’s journey involves a hero/heroine who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed. Typically, the journey ends at the same place it began. How do you see the main character, Serena, fit this classic narrative tale of a heroine’s journey?
  4. Does Serena’s PTSD represent a character flaw that must be overcome during her heroine’s journey? Do you enjoy routing for a flawed protagonist? Does this attribute make her more or less appealing and why?
  5.  Do you believe we all have a destiny? In Serena’s case, does being unaware of her true destiny help or hinder her?
  6. Archetypes are commonly represented in literature and we can all relate to these types of characters. Ooljee is a wise woman/teacher, Bryson self-proclaims he is a warrior. What other archetypes are portrayed by the characters in the novel?
  7. Serena travels to many locations throughout the world in completing her Circle training. What about the places described in the novel did you like or not like? Do you enjoy reading about distant places and people or do you prefer stories in a more familiar environment?
  8. A central theme in the story is that humanity has trouble distinguishing truth from falsehood, and this makes mankind vulnerable to propaganda and manipulation. Do you agree with this premise? Does the current attention to “fake news” make this topic especially relevant?
  9. Polarities can be approached as opposite ends of things such as up-down, black-white, rich-poor, etc. In the symbol depicted on the book’s cover, what polarities are represented?
  10. The most recent Star Wars movies focus on the character Rey and her gradual embracing of her role and destiny in the battle between the Jedi and the Sith, the two polarities of the “Force”. What parallels do you see in the character Rey with the character Serena?
  11. The Da Vinci Code describes a secret society dating back centuries with a hidden agenda to maintain a special bloodline. Do you believe that secret societies exist today that might be attempting to maintain certain pure bloodlines as part of a greater agenda? Can you think of any conspiracy theories that support this?
  12. Serpent mythology pre-dates all modern religions. Can you think of examples, of serpents as portrayed negatively and also as portrayed positively in myths and stories that you have heard? Did reading this book change your opinion about serpents?