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Winner 2021 International Book Awards for New Age Fiction:

Serena Mendez is haunted and she is hunted…

To fulfill her true destiny, to unleash the latent power within her blood, Serena journeys to six continents where she uncovers the truth of who she is, and what she must do.

Serpent Rising is a story of unfulfilled destiny, discovery, transformation, and courage to embrace the truth…  More info

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Two highly advanced telepathic species collide. Sentient, an epic tale of defeat and resurgence spanning 168,000 years of struggle… info/order

Sentient featured: Podcast episode

A reclusive physicist vanishes.
A brilliant, unexplained flash of light.
A mysterious spherical void.
A blackboard equation filled with complex calculations, a portion inexplicably missing.
A government cover up….info/order

                                              The Marunkoff EquationPodcast episode

Data Doomsday! In the near future, the quantum computing revolution has begun. But what happens when data acquisition exceeds the capacity for data storage? Rosko Martin understands what’s happening, but there is nothing he can do to stop the digital apocalypse… info/order

Three anthologies featuring short stories by Victor Acquista….More info