Link to YouTube Playlist: Podcasts are a mashup of fiction, nonfiction, ideas, and commentary created and narrated by your author-host Victor Acquista (the original podfobler) Shows are posted on Facebook for viewing, discussion and other content: PODFOBLER PRODUCTIONS ON FACEBOOK Pod-fo-ble verb:  To spend time engaged in nonproductive activities; pass time doing nothing           Read more about New Podcast Series: PODFOBLER PRODUCTIONS[…]

New Video Trailer

I created these videos for my sci-fi short story, “The Marunkoff Equation”. Where is Professor Marunkoff? What is the government hiding? TEASER TRAILER “This is sci-fi that uses science like poetry.” ~ 5-star Amazon review Order link: Classic Sci-Fi HOLY GUACAMOLE! My short story, THE MARUNKOFF EQUATION, made #8 on this ranking of best SFF short Read more about New Video Trailer[…]

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